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Drum lights at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney.

Chiquita y Chatarra by me.

1965 Wandre Tri-Lam “Mint Green” | Reverb

1962 Wandre-Krundaal Tri-Lam “Red” | Reverb

The White Stripes


"One Arrow, One Life" by Mark Araujo



Stephanie Mills Teddy Pendergrass Stevie Wonder
This Is This. | adidas x neighborhood!


1970/79 Donny Hathaway and his legend

70 “Everything Is Everything” with this debut LP Donny Hathaway revealed yet another facet of his genius — his smoky, pleading voice, one of the best to ever grace a soul record. Everything Is Everything sounded like nothing before it, based in smooth uptown soul but boasting a set of excellent, open-ended arrangements gained from Hathaway’s background in classical and gospel music.

71 “Donny Hathaway” sounds like the lament of a man alone in the sanctuary after services are finished.

72 “Live” is one of the most glorious of his career, an uncomplicated, energetic set with a heavy focus on audience response as well as the potent jazz chops of his group.

72 “Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway” A duet classic, and perhaps the most popular album Roberta Flack made. Their single “Where Is the Love” dominated urban contemporary radio for almost the entire year, while “You’ve Got a Friend” was just as influential and was later covered by numerous artists (of course they didn’t write it, but a lot of folks thought they did). It did so well that Flack eventually did other duet material and also became very close to Hathaway.

73 “Extension Of A Man” Ranging from inner-city soul to orchestral grandeur to a bluesy ballad to easy-listening pleasantries, Extension of a Man was Donny Hathaway’s most ambitious LP, the justly titled capstone to his phenomenal career.

80 “In Performance” Though largely revered for his studio recordings, it was on-stage that Donny Hathaway truly became a giant diamond in a sea of gems. Much like his excellent 1972 Live recording and the stellar 2004 These Songs for You, Live!, In Performance features Hathaway taking his audience to church in a way that can only be described as unique, as he truly had an individual stage presence that few others could hope to rival.

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